Wix Pro  | Graphic Designer  | Animal Rescuer

I'm a straight shooter, with the ability to multi-task and work fast in short amounts of time. I'm a team player and a leader all rolled into one and my focus lies on the finish line. 

I began my career in Wix websites back when Flash was still a thing, I know, I cringe at the thought too. When I got started initially, I didn't know ANYTHING about design and about 8 years and 100s of websites later I learned a thing or five. I had no one to teach me or guide me or present me with the perfect website for my then-start-up design business. Wix helped me master and tap into abilities I didn't even know I had.


I know how difficult it is to actually sit there and try to and figure out a new design tool without knowing anything about design or perhaps not being too tech-savvy, then of course there is the issue of time, which I never feel I have enough of and I'm sure that's the case for you too. Not to mention that design takes years to master, if ever. I still learn something new every single day! So here I am, committed to giving you the very best of my abilities

When I'm not designing websites... I rescue animals. I live the life of a freelancer to pursue my true passion. Here is my pack. my family. my solace.